Writing a novel Trilogy title Xana.

Hi friends! i’ve always been a big writer.When it came to school my teachers would ask for a 2 page stories and i would hand in 6. Reading on the other hand never really stuck, unless i found a really good book then i couldn’t put it down. I just love the way a paperback book feels in your hands as you turn the page. … Continue reading Writing a novel Trilogy title Xana.

Flying Trapeze Experience!

On Friday February 19th, my sister and i went to Toronto Circus School to do a Drop in Flying Trapeze class for only $25 . i wasn’t to sure what to expect but when i got there but it looked a lot like a Gymnastics Facility but obviously with hanging fabric for silks, trampolines, static trapeze bars, an open floor etc, so totally not a … Continue reading Flying Trapeze Experience!