Find Out What’s Going Down On the Blog This Week..

Week of : Aug 21th – 28th | Diy Mondays Are back! Introducing great new content! Beauty Product Of The Week, Destination Wednesday’s and Luxurious Thursday’s!
Pink Crown Anniversary is Coming up at the End of the Month and… Continue reading Find Out What’s Going Down On the Blog This Week..


Student Travel – Volunteering!

Traveling to an all inclusive resort is true pleasure and relaxation. This summer that is exactly what i plan to do but i would also love to switch it up! I’ve volunteered at Scott Mission Homeless shelter here in Toronto and the idea of making just one moment or day in someones life who’s struggling bright gives me such a warming feeling and leaves such … Continue reading Student Travel – Volunteering!

First picture of Saint west!

Kim Kardashian finally shared a picture of Saint today on Instagram and he is so adorable! She posted the picture to honour the Passing of her father whose birthday would have been today, he would have turned 72. He passed in September 30th (which is also my birthday..) back in 2003 at the age of 59. Saint is now 3 months old, he was born … Continue reading First picture of Saint west!