Find Out What’s Going Down On the Blog This Week..

Week of : Aug 21th – 28th | Diy Mondays Are back! Introducing great new content! Beauty Product Of The Week, Destination Wednesday’s and Luxurious Thursday’s!
Pink Crown Anniversary is Coming up at the End of the Month and… Continue reading Find Out What’s Going Down On the Blog This Week..


Writing a novel Trilogy title Xana.

Hi friends! i’ve always been a big writer.When it came to school my teachers would ask for a 2 page stories and i would hand in 6. Reading on the other hand never really stuck, unless i found a really good book then i couldn’t put it down. I just love the way a paperback book feels in your hands as you turn the page. … Continue reading Writing a novel Trilogy title Xana.


when I was a kid, Toronto streets were deserted and quiet on Sundays, except for the sound of church bells I stood on the sidewalk one December listening to the Christmas bells – I’ve never forgotten that moment… – John Geddes {childhood memories} Follow us here and on Instagram for more Toronto related post & pictures, as well as reviews, upcoming events and more! Thanks … Continue reading HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORONTO!

Upcoming segments 

Introducing some of the segments I’ll be doing here on the blog and the Vlog!    The follow are: Cosmo, what’s good? | Netflix binge | Scrapbook Readings | DIY Monday’s | Syd’s Kitchen | Beauty Shop | Challenge | Coming up in Toronto| Follow us on the blog and on Instagram to stay updated! I’ll be posting more information about each segment! Thanks for … Continue reading Upcoming segments 

Kylie Jenner is at it again.. 

Seems everyday the kardasian/Jenner family is always in the news but yesterday a story about Kylie Jenner really caught my eye. Kylie is attempting to Trademark her first name! Yes this means if you want to use the name Kyile or even name your child Kyile you have some legal issue to deal with first!  I love Kylie and her whole family ( Kim is … Continue reading Kylie Jenner is at it again..