UPDATE: The ‘Xana’ Novel Release Date Pushed..

Just a Quick update on the book! Originally i wanted to have it finished and published by the end of the last summer, but things up come and i’m not even finished writing *cries loudly*.

“…..This is the Year of Goals and this book will defiantly be finished by the end of this summer.” Continue reading UPDATE: The ‘Xana’ Novel Release Date Pushed..


Writing a novel Trilogy title Xana.

Hi friends! i’ve always been a big writer.When it came to school my teachers would ask for a 2 page stories and i would hand in 6. Reading on the other hand never really stuck, unless i found a really good book then i couldn’t put it down. I just love the way a paperback book feels in your hands as you turn the page. … Continue reading Writing a novel Trilogy title Xana.

Upcoming segments 

Introducing some of the segments I’ll be doing here on the blog and the Vlog!    The follow are: Cosmo, what’s good? | Netflix binge | Scrapbook Readings | DIY Monday’s | Syd’s Kitchen | Beauty Shop | Challenge | Coming up in Toronto| Follow us on the blog and on Instagram to stay updated! I’ll be posting more information about each segment! Thanks for … Continue reading Upcoming segments 

Sleep aromatherapy pillow mist!

While I was in Niagara falls over the past weekend, I stopped at an outlet mall and did alittle shopping. One of my favourite outlet stores is bath and body works, I love all their stuff and because it’s an outlet mall the deals are unbeatable! Recently I got 3 lotions from their aromatherapy line, Engery, stress relief and sleep and they are absolutely amazing! … Continue reading Sleep aromatherapy pillow mist!