Introducing ‘Whats Good?’ Tuesday

Today I’m introducing our new weekly segment, ‘What’s Good?’ Tuesdays. Join us back here each Tuesday to find out what’s going on and whats good this week in the world of anything and everything.

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What You’re Missing In Your Hair Routine!!

Hi friends! Today I picked up this cute little straightener, I’ve been looking for one for a while because my stubborn baby hairs. Over the years I’ve bared through slight burns on my hair line and finally I decided NO MORE! My mother dragged me out of the house to join her on a trip to the Pickering Flea market and that is where I … Continue reading What You’re Missing In Your Hair Routine!!

Coconut water Hydrating Shampoo Review! 

A few months ago I discovered Renpure’s products and fell in love with their Coconut Creme cleansing pudding. Ever since I’ve been trying out some of their other hair products and that is how  I came across this shampoo! The first time I used it the lather was not great at all, I was so disappointed but of course had to try it again! The … Continue reading Coconut water Hydrating Shampoo Review! 

Beyoncé Formation Album Tracklist leaked! 

On Twitter today I came across the picture below and probably stared at it for 5 minutes. Now, I don’t know if this picture is authentic but if it is, we are about to have the queen bless us again!    In the picture it says the album will release first on April 1st on tidal and then on the 8th of April it will … Continue reading Beyoncé Formation Album Tracklist leaked! 

Kylie Jenner is at it again.. 

Seems everyday the kardasian/Jenner family is always in the news but yesterday a story about Kylie Jenner really caught my eye. Kylie is attempting to Trademark her first name! Yes this means if you want to use the name Kyile or even name your child Kyile you have some legal issue to deal with first!  I love Kylie and her whole family ( Kim is … Continue reading Kylie Jenner is at it again.. 

Sleep aromatherapy pillow mist!

While I was in Niagara falls over the past weekend, I stopped at an outlet mall and did alittle shopping. One of my favourite outlet stores is bath and body works, I love all their stuff and because it’s an outlet mall the deals are unbeatable! Recently I got 3 lotions from their aromatherapy line, Engery, stress relief and sleep and they are absolutely amazing! … Continue reading Sleep aromatherapy pillow mist!

Toronto East Nail shop Review 

TGIF! Had to get my nails re done before I leave with the family! I’ve been getting my nails done at this cute little nail salon called QS Nails and Spa in Toronto’s east end. The lady’s are great and they know the hottest trends! I don’t know about you girls, but finding a great nail spot was hard for me, they didn’t know what … Continue reading Toronto East Nail shop Review