Writing a novel Trilogy title Xana.

Hi friends! i’ve always been a big writer.When it came to school my teachers would ask for a 2 page stories and i would hand in 6. Reading on the other hand never really stuck, unless i found a really good book then i couldn’t put it down. I just love the way a paperback book feels in your hands as you turn the page. … Continue reading Writing a novel Trilogy title Xana.

Learn more about the Upcoming Segments!

Hey guys, alittle while ago I posted a video introducing some of the segment titles I will soon be bringing to the blog! Since titles can’t explain it all, I want to tell you guys all about them.  DIY MONDAYS will be starting closer to the end of April. Every Monday for Six weeks I’ll be posting videos of 1 or 2 DIYS aswell as … Continue reading Learn more about the Upcoming Segments!

Sleep aromatherapy pillow mist!

While I was in Niagara falls over the past weekend, I stopped at an outlet mall and did alittle shopping. One of my favourite outlet stores is bath and body works, I love all their stuff and because it’s an outlet mall the deals are unbeatable! Recently I got 3 lotions from their aromatherapy line, Engery, stress relief and sleep and they are absolutely amazing! … Continue reading Sleep aromatherapy pillow mist!