Find Out What’s Going Down On the Blog This Week..

Week of : Aug 21th – 28th | Diy Mondays Are back! Introducing great new content! Beauty Product Of The Week, Destination Wednesday’s and Luxurious Thursday’s!
Pink Crown Anniversary is Coming up at the End of the Month and… Continue reading Find Out What’s Going Down On the Blog This Week..


New way to get the best ” Natural Curl” !

A few days about I saw this great video on Instagram of a women curling her hair using a chopstick and her straightener. The curls looks 100% natural and it instantly clicked on my head that I needed to do this to my extensions.  I added a lot of blonde streaks to my dark brown hair 2 years ago and after that I couldn’t find … Continue reading New way to get the best ” Natural Curl” !

Upcoming segments 

Introducing some of the segments I’ll be doing here on the blog and the Vlog!    The follow are: Cosmo, what’s good? | Netflix binge | Scrapbook Readings | DIY Monday’s | Syd’s Kitchen | Beauty Shop | Challenge | Coming up in Toronto| Follow us on the blog and on Instagram to stay updated! I’ll be posting more information about each segment! Thanks for … Continue reading Upcoming segments 

Sleep aromatherapy pillow mist!

While I was in Niagara falls over the past weekend, I stopped at an outlet mall and did alittle shopping. One of my favourite outlet stores is bath and body works, I love all their stuff and because it’s an outlet mall the deals are unbeatable! Recently I got 3 lotions from their aromatherapy line, Engery, stress relief and sleep and they are absolutely amazing! … Continue reading Sleep aromatherapy pillow mist!