A Few Reasons why i CAN Wait for the Second Season of ’13RW’….

I just wanna know how these great shows continue, as I’m sure most people do. Wait times can be expected but since Netflix is such a marvel in the TV industry you’d think they’d have even better wait times between seasons but clearly not the case. There are a few conclusion as to why they take so long… Maybe they lack the power, the people and generally the budget or money to make good quality seasons in short time like our cable shows. Now, i am not confirming that’s why but it does seem like the most likely possibility. Continue reading A Few Reasons why i CAN Wait for the Second Season of ’13RW’….


#FyreFestFail… Soo Many Questions!!

So actually, the idea of Fyre Fest is a great idea.. a festival that isn’t all about crazy outfits and EDM music that you don’t know. If it went well it could have paved a great path for hip hop music festivals.. it would be amazing but no, as you can see this festival was an unorganized, under promoted, lack of EVERYTHING disaster. Continue reading #FyreFestFail… Soo Many Questions!!

Introducing ‘Whats Good?’ Tuesday

Today I’m introducing our new weekly segment, ‘What’s Good?’ Tuesdays. Join us back here each Tuesday to find out what’s going on and whats good this week in the world of anything and everything.

If you’d like to get any of your posts featured on The Daily Luxury Blog use the hashtag #WhatsGoodTuesday or #DLB Continue reading Introducing ‘Whats Good?’ Tuesday

Get Featured – #TorontoSummerAdventure’s

Summer Sixteen is officially underway and we want to see what you guys are up too here in Toronto! Share where you’re at in the city and or what activities or adventures you’re on in city right now, for a chance to win a Pink Crown Goodie Box, filled with some merchandise from the shop! ~How to Get Featured~ Follow us on Instagram @TheDailyLuxuryBlog Become … Continue reading Get Featured – #TorontoSummerAdventure’s

New way to get the best ” Natural Curl” !

A few days about I saw this great video on Instagram of a women curling her hair using a chopstick and her straightener. The curls looks 100% natural and it instantly clicked on my head that I needed to do this to my extensions.  I added a lot of blonde streaks to my dark brown hair 2 years ago and after that I couldn’t find … Continue reading New way to get the best ” Natural Curl” !