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Luxury is usually referred to the finer things in life. The money, cars, clothes, vacations, homes.. A lot of the times luxury isn’t something that’s associated with your daily life. But sometimes it can be the things you’ve worked hard for or the great job you just got that finally makes life comfortable. My favorite thing about luxury is that you can also use it sarcastically.

I’m from Toronto, where luxury is hiding around every corner waiting for you to indulge in.. The opportunities that are waiting are plentiful and are well waiting. If your not living in the city core with some commas in your bank account then luxurious Toronto may some college and career building years ahead.

That’s where The Daily Luxury Blog comes in. Today there is a lot of people chasing the same wealthy lifestyles and major of people are chasing it the exact same way but why does it seem like most people end up with average lifestyles? In school you learn to go to college then get a job.. Today’s world I believe you can start building your career right when you finish high school, but we will get into that on the blog.

Here I want to bring different thoughts and ideas light, not only to bring out an alternative vibe towards how we see us obtaining our futures but to connect people who think similarly, show younger generations the options and lifestyles schools and movies don’t exemplify. The luxury is finding yourself and the meaning of “what the world has to offer.

Our Vlog will feature a new video every week on Saturday @ 6:00pm! each video will included different segments like ‘Cosmo, whats good?’,’ Beauty Shop’, ‘Syd’s Kitchen’, Netflix Binge, Scrapbook Readings, Discussions, interviews and so much more! i’ll also be introducing ‘DIY MONDAYS’ in a few weeks, each video will have one or more DIY’s and a time challenge at the end!

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