#FyreFestFail… Soo Many Questions!!

Firstly, i never heard of Fyre Fest until its fail went viral on Instagram. So, now I’m left with millions of questions that i need to find answers too.


If you have yet to see the pictures swirling around social media from #FyreFest now is the time to catch up and get in on the mayhem that has quickly gone viral. Take a look at the shocking pictures below and then we will address the millions of questions and possibilities.

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So actually, the idea of Fyre Fest is a great idea.. a festival that isn’t all about crazy outfits and EDM music that you don’t know. If it went well it could have paved a great path for hip hop music festivals.. it would be amazing but no, as you can see this festival was an unorganized, under promoted, lack of EVERYTHING disaster.

So after seeing this pictures i just need some answers, but first read the official apology posted to the Frye Fest website and see if any of your questions are answered or if you just have a ton more like me..

so let’s get into it …

Why or how did all of these scheduled artist not show up to the festival.. were they notified before time so they wouldn’t have to take part in what had later became major chaos ? but even more so.. why have they not even mentioned the festival before and after .. like i must not be the only one that never heard of this event until after it went viral ?

It seems as though every single service had not been prepared in time for the event from the food, the sleeping arrangements and the transportation.. i mean seriously they served BREAD AND CHEESE to people who paid upwards for 12k for a ticket!! If they knew they literally had no food or water why wouldn’t they cancel ???

The sleeping arrangements wouldn’t have been so terrible.. if that was what the people were expecting… but nope they promoted this at luxury but provided not even bare necessitates.

Overall, it looks like they were months behind in prep and or funds, they should have canceled, i mean they should have been able to tell in the weeks leading up that things wouldn’t be ready and that it wouldn’t come together.. like so what if all that money is lost, if they postponed they may have actually had a shot at making a good experience and ensure that their could actually be a next year.

Last but not least, they should 100% be charged or sued.. they endangered the lives all the attendees and this can not be looked at as an accident or mistake.

Thank you guys so much for reading about this crazy event! I totally feel for everyone that went and i hope they all get their money back and NOT tickets to next years event.

Share, like and comment below what you guys think of this crazy situation and if you would attend next year or not ?

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