Summer Seventeen Bucket list – Activity submission Form!

Welcome all friends,

This year we are taking no chances, we’re taking this summer by the balls! I’ll be launching a few different themed buckets lists along with the main general one. I’m summer excited because its all about having a lit summer and making the best memories.

You guys, my readers, mean the world to me and i would love to know what you guys need to have on this list to make it the best! Below is a very simple form, let us know what needs to be on your bucket list for this summer.

Use the drop down to pick what list you’re submitting your activity to and then let me know what is it and why it has to be on the list! 

..and who knows, when the list launches you might get a special thanks for contributing *wink*!

Bucket Lists Run Through:

Main List

This list will have any type of activity listed on it.


This list will include once in a lifetime activities, crazy fun things. 


This list will include traveling and exploring new things and places things summer.


This list will include the best things to do with Bae or even your best friends throughout the summer

Thank you guys for reading and submitting your thoughts! Like and Comment below something you’re looking forward to this summer .. I’m going to Veld and i cannot wait. how about you ?

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