Must Haves For Your Girl’s Vacation! – Printable Check List Inside…

Planning a vacation with the girls ? Read this post to make sure you bring everything you’ll need! Use the print off list as your packing guide!

Hey Guys,

Lately me and my girls have been trying to plan a vacation, being 19 with a part-time job and school makes it just a little impossible to plan but we finally have made some solid plans to go to Cuba at the end of May.

Girl’s Vacations mean different things to different girls, either relaxing vacation, exploring vacation or a party vacation. so just to clarify, me and the girls are going to fuck shit up haha!!

So Here is my Must Have’s ( Must Packs) For a Party vacation with the girls!

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⇒ Funnel

Add little more party to a vacation real fast with a funnel. Great way to get drunk fast and do it in an exciting way. Chances are you’ll end up party with people( guys*wink*) who didn’t bring their own but wished they did.

⇒ Tumbler & Water Bottle

This is a must. take advantage of those free drinks and ditch their small little plastic cups. Bring you own cute tumbler, which you can find just about anywhere but Etsy has some really great ones. or skip the cute tumbler and go for the classic Bubba they hold more and keep our drinks cold! 

Don’t forget your water bottle, bring it with you everywhere. With all the alcohol and sun exposure you will 100% need to keep hydrated! 

⇒ Polaroid Camera & Plenty Film 


Capture some spectacular memories with your favorite people. Polaroid pictures are everything right now, i love the charm and vintage feel they give pictures. If you don’t own one no biggy, no need to rush out and get it, digital camera is next on the list! 

Important Travel Tip – To ensure the safety to your camera and film at the airport, keep these items in your carry on! Don’t keep them in your checked bag especially the film as the scanners may ruin them and cause your pictures to come out blank! 

p.s – the scanners at security won’t harm the film, yay! check out this Trip Adviser Form Here !

⇒ Digital Camera 


You don’t wanna run into the dreaded ‘ storage almost full’ message on your phones and you don’t wanna waste all your Polaroid film, so bring out the old digital camera that take as much picture as you want with no risk or worry. 

my digital camera is almost a decade old too, so I hold even less doubts about breaking it or it getting stolen which may be the case so don’t bring your expensive ass cameras! 

⇒ Portable LED Mirror


Most likely, you won’t be beating your face for the gods but still, never trust the lighting.. anywhere. you can find the perfect portable mirror, with LED lights, for doing your make up at so many store. if you know you gonna be doing make up on your trip, plan to have one of these bad boys with you so you can stay on fleek. 

⇒ Portable Speaker

Image result for portable speaker

what is a party with the music ? This is defiantly a must for your girls vacation, have your music with you on the beach, in your room, if it’s water proof then with you floating in the water. Literally bring the party with you everywhere you are on vacation.

⇒ Over The Shoulder Purse and/or Wrist Clutch 


you’ll most likely have some things to carry around with you while your on the go. a wrist clutch or an over the shoulder bag is essential, holds your sunscreen, room key, cellphone, earphones, sunglasses, feminine products or anything you else you need to keep on you. 

⇒ Ipad/books/magazine


This is a must pack, even if you don’t end up using them, because boredom. Yes there will be a point in your vacation where you’ll have to comprise on your activities and might need to kill some time. Watch some Netflix, read your book ya know .. chill and then party.

⇒ Note Book & Pen


You never know whats gonna go down on a vacation and you never know, it might just be worth writing about so you remember it later . I have my travel scrapbook and of course my blog so this is a 100% must on my list. Write about your adventure, funny things said or done, anything! 

 ⇒ Hat & Sunglasses  


Can’t stress this one enough. Bring extra if you have too!! Depending on where you’re going for vacation you’ll probably be on a beach for most of the time. These two things with make you feel 10x more comfortable and of course protect you! 

⇒ Matching Item For All The Girls!


This isn’t a must but defiantly a good idea, whether it’s matching bathing suits, rings, anklets, shirts, hats whatever. It’s will be great way to remember your girls vacation. 

Travel tip – Remember to leave extra space in your bag for thing your buy on your trip that you’ll be bringing back !

Thank you guys for reading today, i hope this posts helps with your vacation packing! Like, comment and share below, also let me know what are your must haves for a girls vacation ? – In case you missed it, the print off check list is located in the beginning of this post.

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