A spring craft idea: DIY Decoupaged Egg Wall Art

Yaaas! The Easter Egg Wall Art is Everything!

Crafts 'n Coffee

We saw a robin in the driveway this weekend, and nothing says “spring” more than a robin and this Spring Egg Wall Art in shades of robin’s egg blue. I used Mod Podge and fabric scraps to decoupage these spring eggs, and they’re easily changed up with your favorite colors and prints. There are so many ways to decorate these eggs, and you can use tissue paper and paper napkins, too. You can even use different sizes of eggs. I considered decoupaging and framing just one large egg, but decided on nine smaller eggs instead. Here’s how I decoupaged my eggs and made the Spring Egg Wall Art.

DIY decoupage eggs and spring egg wall art I used shades of robin’s egg blue, but you can make these eggs any color you like.

DIY decoupage eggs easy I used fabric on my eggs, but you could also use tissue paper, book pages, paper napkins, origami paper, etc.

DIY Decoupage Easter eggs and wall art Decoupage a few eggs each…

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