Hey guys,

Just gonna just a quick follow up post about this series.

Get Caught up.. Read the First Post → AYTO : My First Thoughts Rant. 

Lets get down too it..

We are now three episodes into this new series and at first i was defiantly little disappointed but still optimistic…

The second episode was quite like the first, i was very temped to give it another thumbs down but i waited til this weeks episode and i’m glad i did. the shows challenges are pretty good, no way in hell i would carry dead rats for anyone, but again the eliminations need to be worked out different, i still don’t like the fact that both couples don’t get to take part in the elimination but when it comes down to it… it is pretty shocking when someone steals all the money. (super glad Gio is gone and was Very surprised how he handled it).

Overall it could be better, but i’m still waiting for more excitement.




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