AYTO: Second Chances – My first Thoughts Rant.

Hey guys!

After watching this episode i just had to write about it…

Season 5 of MTV’S Are You The One sadly came to a close during march break but to my utter surprise they premiered a new spin off titled ‘ARE YOU THE ONE: SECOND CHANCESthe following Wednesday, in the same time slot.. so its kinda like my favorite show just got extended for 10  more weeks! the excitement was super real.

Now.. MTV announced this spin off at the end of February but i didn’t start seeing any commercials for this new series on the MTV channel until the week before it aired.(They also lacked on their promotion for the last season of ‘The Real World’ because i hadn’t heard one thing about that season until it came on tv .. literally at 10pm when it aired.) BUT that also not my final point here today. .

My firsts thought when it came on the tv:

• This is like ‘The Challenge” but ONLY for past Are You The One contestants, does this mean they wont be adding AYTO contestants to the challenge now ( which they started doing after the first season aired).

• This is gonna be dope af. Are You The One will be on forever just like other MTV Originals like The Real World and The Challenge.. and now of course the spin off AYTO: Second Chances.

• OMG NO, that Gio guy from season 4 is on this show.. I don’t know about anyone else, but every time that kid comes on my TV i cringe.. every word, every facial expression.. i didn’t like him on his on season and already his first scene in this series is him being so overly emotional… yeah so most likely won’t like him on this spin off either.

• Devon needs to stop talking .. actually. I’m just gonna leave that one there.

Now here is my point … this show’s elimination is set up so dumb. Let me see if can even explain this … because its so dumb.

There is two ways that the couples could end up in elimination,

  1. Automatic – they come in last place in that week’s challenge so they are automatically up for elimination.
  2. Most Votes – The rest of the house will then vote for another couple to enter elimination. the couple with the most votes will then be up for elimination along with the challenge losers.

so these elimination rounds are called ‘The Choice’ ( weak ass name) And it’s to test you and your matches ‘trust’ .. so i was thinking some actually challenges or questions something that actually made sense but nooooo.. what happens at these elimination rounds is this:

the pair that lost the challenge sits and watches while the other couple makes a choice. (Which decide the other couples fate as well)

The couple making the choice has to decide if they want to share the money in their joint banks or steal it.

If they both pick steal, they both go home with nothing.

If one chooses to steal while the other chooses to share… whoever choose to steal.. actually gets to steal the money and go home with it all, sending their match home with nothing. Ruthless.

if you both choose share, then you will re-enter the game to play for more money and the couple who lost the challenge goes home.

my problem with this elimination is that the couples don’t get to face each other or get to prove which couple has more trust then the other… Basically if you’re the couple that looses a challenge, it’s literally all based off what the other team does and you just get to sit there.

So that is what happened in the first elimination, the couple the house voted to go in both choose to share therefore sending the other couple home.. they literally just sat there and watched and then got kicked off the show just for loosing the first challenge.

i was waiting so bad for a twist but nope there’s nothing you can do.. i just dont know, i think they could have come up with a way more clever and entertaining way to do the eliminations. You could even see it in the first couples face when they were told they were going home.. they were like .. ‘wtf we haven’t even done anything yet’.

It was just the first episode, so i will watch a few more and follow up.

Going forward these are my 3 top thoughts:

• There is still time for a little twist in that elimination.

• I hope Gio Leaves.

• I hope Devon Calms down, i love Rasheeda though.

Thanks for reading my little rant! Leave a comment below on what your thoughts are about this new series and also which couple do you want to win ?!

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