Find Out What’s Going Down On the Blog This Week..

Hey Friends,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written but now I’m back and with me some pretty great new content! Over the summer we’ve done a lot of changes to how we look and how we work but its really time for me to focus on the blog posts and videos we share.

Below is a summary of what’s coming up this week on The Daily Luxury Blog.

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→DIY MONDAY’S are back! Check the blog tomorrow to see what we make!

BEAUTY PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Tuesday is our feature day and for the rest of the summer i’m sharing my favorite beauty products (That i actually use in my daily routine) once a week!

→ Destination Wednesday’s! Fly out with us to a new amazing spot every week. Together we will explore all parts of the world, finding new vacation spots and places you never knew existed.

Introducing Luxurious Thursday’s! we are The Daily Luxury Blog after all so we are dedicating Thursday’s to all the finer things in life!

Pink Crown Couture Anniversary! On August 30th, 2016 our shop will be celebrating One Year! All this week we’ll be revealing new products here on the blog and on Pink Crown Couture’s social media page!thin grey divider


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