WANTED: Pink Crown Couture Officials!(30 sec Sign Up)

Hey Everyone,

Super excited to start up this new program, as it is our One Year Anniversary this month we wanted to celebrate in a big way and also grow our shop using the most reliable source.. YOU!

Pink Crown Couture Presents the Pink Crown Officials #PCO 

We’re looking for Five lucky girls to receive FREE monthly sample packages filled with upcoming products, or even products that are already in the shop! Our First Sample Box will be our New Upcoming Natural Beauty Product line. Your Box will feature but won’t be limited to lip,face and body scrub samples,clay mask, Lip Balm and of course your very own PCO shirt.

Our PCO’S are simply required to submit scores of each product on a review card that you’ll be able to find here on TheDailyLuxuryBlog.com under a password protected page that only Officials are granted access too! As well as post two very short reviews on product lisitngs in our Etsy.com shop.

We wanted to make this the best deal for you and sampling really come with greater benefits.. so to show our appreciation for your reviews we’re offer our Officials up 30% OFF on all their purchases with us (including custom orders)! Perfect for when you fall in love with a sample, you’ll save on the real thing!

Last but not least the cherry on top, we don’t expect any promotion on your part! No need to make posts or shout outs about Pink Crown Couture or Pink Crown Officials .. but of course if you’d liked to we’d love it !

We’re sure you have some question!

Head over to the PCO home page on the blog to read the Frequently Asked Questions to Fully understand what this Program is all about! Or contact us directly at PCO@thedailyluxuryblog.com, we’d love to help !

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 |Canadian Applications Only | 16+ | Please Read Requirements, Terms and conditions and FAQ’s before signing up | Copyright © 2016 The Daily Luxury Blog all rights reserved.

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