$12 For 5 Containers of Strawberries.. Could Heaven on Earth Be Real?!

On Saturday July 9th I took my mom and nephew to Whittamores Farm to pick some strawberries. I haven’t done this since I was so little, so needless to say I was definitely the most excited! 

We ended up picking 5 containers of strawberries which we paid $12! I wish I had taken a picture of all of them because I literally had so much I could make 3 pies. I’m excited to go back, everyone was so friendly and the staff is walking around everywhere giving out directions so it’s really a smooth process!

Best part was I forgot cash and I freaked out because I thought a Farm won’t take debit .. cause I mean .. It’s a farm haha but THEY DO! so don’t freak if your a debit card person like me, you won’t need to stop at the bank on your way to this farm 😉

Whittamores Farm is located on steeles Ave E just west of scrabourgh/Pickering Town line road! They offer a variety of ‘pick your own’ fruits and vegetables for each season, see bellow for Summer:

Here is what they offer Each year:

They also have a great play areas for kids! Check out all the fun on their website http://www.whittamoresfarm.com/phone/index.html

Honestly this is a good summer activity no matter the age, and it makes eating fruits 10x more delicious knowing you picked them! Did I mention the prices are really good ? When you go don’t forget to bring your own containers, but don’t worry because they have some ready for you to purchase if you rather do that! 
Share your adventures at Whittamores with us on Instagram! Tag us in your photo for possible regram all summer!! @TheDailyLuxuryBlog 


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