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Last month i posted the summary for the first book in the Xana trilogy, if you haven’t read it yet check it out and don’t forget to share your feedback!

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This Story is told through the eyes of 17 year old Sevana Harris, who is a few days away from graduating high school along with her boyfriend Matt McKeague and her group of girlfriends Marissa Thompson, Megan Sorullo and Caitlyn Fiztpatrick.

Born into a family with money, sevena never had a thing to worry about. Her dad, Mark Harris, runs a variety of business deals and ventures and is out all the time.. while her mother, Julie Harris, stopped working a while back to spend more time with the kids.

Jennifer, the older sister, has quite the attitude and little to no tolerance for her younger siblings. Thank goodness for her, she is about to leave for law school but of course not before she causes major problems with in the family. Kane, her younger brother is the joy of everyone else’s life. Only nine years old his innocences still radiates from his being.. but secrets are hard to keep when you don’t quite understand them yet..

Matt and Sevana have been together for 8 months at the beginning of the story but the recent trend around school is starting to impact Matt in ways Sevena is blind to at first. Cocaine has made its way into the party system and now everyone is using it, some more than others. Canada’s day weekend marks the biggest start to summer every year with Alex kimbos cottage trip but this year was incredibly different for all involved.

what’s a girl, without her friends ?  Marissa has be Sevana’s partner in crime since they were little and nothing has changed, though they’ve always had a competitiveness towards each other, it was all fun and games but as times goes on they both call it into question. Caitlin and Megan are also their best friends. Caitlyn is secretly heavy into coke, as she starts to disappear more no one questions it but soon they could be one man down. Megan is the ultimate sidekick to anyone she meets, talk to her for five minutes and you life is complete, absolute life of the party. Megan is known for throwing a good party too and entertaining for days, drama is also her second language.. mix that with alcohol and you pretty much see the damage coming. She seems to be the most reliable of them all.. so why it is when sevana has no one left, she isn’t there for her too ?

The deception will become evident in due time.

After the controversial death of her parents, she finds out it was her mother who left them in the care of her estranged grandmother that lives in L.A. She Flees from authorities to Matt’s home where she thinks she’ll be safe. Only a few days have passed and she is left with no one in her circle. When it comes down to it sevena knows she cannot beat the chances and joins her younger brother in California.. where the summer of dreams is waiting for her.

[ I’ll be uploading 2 more posts about Part Two and Part Three of the novel soon]


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