Writing a novel Trilogy title Xana.

Hi friends!

i’ve always been a big writer.When it came to school my teachers would ask for a 2 page stories and i would hand in 6. Reading on the other hand never really stuck, unless i found a really good book then i couldn’t put it down. I just love the way a paperback book feels in your hands as you turn the page. I thought of the stories i read and loved so much and in one night came up with a storyline that combined the different types of books i found interesting.

I then came across a great self publishing book and ebook company  Lulu.com . It is very user friendly, from shopping, to creating and selling! This really motivated me to create the best books i can.

Below you’ll find the summary for first book.

[Get to really know the main character.. Read the in depth drama packed summary for part one of the the book now!]

Please comment what you think!

i’m also looking for someone to the the illustrations for the cover and inside the book, contact me here if you’re interested!

The first book is titled ‘Xana.’  about a privileged 17 year old girl Named Sevana Harris living in Downtown Toronto who’s life if turned upside down by the death of her family. She is then set to live in LA with her Grandmother, whom she has never met and ends up making some good friends and some not so good. Before they all leave for college at the end of the summer they plan to throw a rave at Kamaria Island but as the summer progresses and Xana is created they find themselves sitting on top of an empire that may just come crashing down on the Island.  Follow this epic story of Teen girl whose life keeps changing every time she blinks her eyes.

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