Male Birth Control will be here by 2018!

“it always made more sense to me to unload the gun instead of wearing a bulletproof vest”


Over the past month more discussion has popped up about male birth control and my first thought was ‘FINALLY’. Yes there is already condoms but we all know the famous ‘they don’t feel good’ line, well researchers are working on Oral pills, injections and gels. This is fab, i think this will contribute hugely to gender equality; once this is brought to markets it will add more pressure on guys to prevent pregnancy just as a women does (it does take two to make a baby after all) because it’s now available after so many years of research and as women we should really be looking at this as a revolution!

Right now there are a variety of methods being tested both hormonal and nonhormonal. I read about the research and testing being done (link to article below) on the different methods and three of them look to be promising options.


This method is taken by mouth, it prevents sperm from even being created. Researchers not only got 100% infertility in animals (while probably harmless, still sad) but also full recovery of fertility. Researchers hope to start test on men soon.

Nestorone and Testosterone Gel:

This gel combines the two hormones in a gel that men would rub on their arms. It slowly suppresses the perm in count to very low. the side effects are short-term and few for men like acne and weight gain (which i find no big deal seeming as women face these same problems with birth control). Final test will start at the end of the year to confirm its effectiveness and side effects.


This is a non hormonal gel injection into the vas deferens (the tube sperm swiss through) that blocks the sperm. The procedure takes about 5 minutes and can last for years. Some men in india have used this method for over 20 years. To restore fertility researchers use a baking soda solution to flush out the gel blockage. They hope to start tests in the US on men at the end of the year.



Now this all sounds great but coming back to reality i had to think about how receptive guys would really be to taking on a stronger responsibility in preventing pregnancy. Online it seems older men or men in committed relationships were more open to it while i think Younger guys 18-25 closer to my age might stand-off a little bit more. With age comes maturity and i don’t think younger guys understand the full reality that they are responsible for getting a girl pregnant, seeming as they don’t have to deal with the repercussions for nine months. At the same time i can see older men looking at these methods only as an easier alternative to a vasectomy (which it can very well be!) but it can change how these product is perceived.

Overall i can’t wait for male birth control to become available. This will be so great for guys to take more control without having to worry about annoying condoms (although condoms are still hugely important in safe sex to protect against STI’s). At the same time this will make pregnancy prevention an equal topic and responsibility!

After i first read about male birth control it really opened my mind to the fact that it is men who impregnate women then my feminist side came out and i felt as if birth control was made for women back in the day only because anything that was pregnancy related was solely a women’s problem.  Not the case, male birth control has been in the works for years, of course unsuccessfully, it’s easier to stop a woman’s ovulation once a month then it is to stop a man from producing about 1,000 sperm cells a second.

Coming 2018 i predict this will be major! I hope parents introduce their sons to this and the importance is seen by all guys that it’s not only a woman’s responsibility to ensure for a period of time that a pregnancy won’t happen.


If you’re a male reader please leave your thoughts about male birth control. would you take it, why or why not ? 

Thank you so much for reading! xoxo

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