Coconut water Hydrating Shampoo Review! 

A few months ago I discovered Renpure’s products and fell in love with their Coconut Creme cleansing pudding. Ever since I’ve been trying out some of their other hair products and that is how  I came across this shampoo!

The first time I used it the lather was not great at all, I was so disappointed but of course had to try it again! The second time was much more of a successful. I used 4 pumps of shampoo and scrubbed hard to get a sliky hydrating lather!

Overall still not the best hydrating shampoo in the world. It’s very light, cleanses oils and daily products well and has a great fresh coconut scent but other than that I didn’t feel much difference after using it more than a couple times now. Will be looking for the matching conditioner, hopefully that will improve the results!


Check out the lather test below!

As you can see the lather isn’t that great with a gental rub but once you rub it into your hair vigorously, you’ll end up with a nice thick lather! I found this product at winners for $9.99, it can also be found online from the company and on Amazon!

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