New way to get the best ” Natural Curl” !

A few days about I saw this great video on Instagram of a women curling her hair using a chopstick and her straightener.

The curls looks 100% natural and it instantly clicked on my head that I needed to do this to my extensions. 

I added a lot of blonde streaks to my dark brown hair 2 years ago and after that I couldn’t find extensions to match anywhere! Well a few months ago I finally found 18 inch straight ones blended perfectly!

Long story short, trying to find custom colour straight extensions is hard and curly ones even harder! This trick gave me the perfect solution that I’ve been waiting for! 

  • No need to BUY another bundle of hair
  • No need to BUY a special curling wand! 

What you’ll need:

Chopstick , hair spary , straightener   
Check out the quick tutorial below!

My before and after: 


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