Beyoncé Formation Album Tracklist leaked! 

On Twitter today I came across the picture below and probably stared at it for 5 minutes. Now, I don’t know if this picture is authentic but if it is, we are about to have the queen bless us again!

In the picture it says the album will release first on April 1st on tidal and then on the 8th of April it will be out everywhere. The features I’m very excited about! Absolutely love Nicki Minaj and Beyonce together, they really compliment each other well. Of course jay z and Beyonce song will be good, expecting Frank Ocean to be a highlight too!

On the other had, I’m not that interested in Kanyes music anymore, so maybe working with Beyonce will draw more people back towards his work. For Adele… I mean I think she has an amazing voice but I’m very curious to see what style of song they do. It will either be a big moment in music or a flop! 

Although it seems unlikely that Beyonce was able to hide her last album until the day it released … but her album, that we knew about before hand, gets leaked ? Hmm this picture seems to good to be true.

Her tour starts on April 27th so the release is at a perfectly planned time too! I’ll be watching out to see what happens.

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