Kylie Jenner is at it again.. 

Seems everyday the kardasian/Jenner family is always in the news but yesterday a story about Kylie Jenner really caught my eye.

Kylie is attempting to Trademark her first name! Yes this means if you want to use the name Kyile or even name your child Kyile you have some legal issue to deal with first! 

I love Kylie and her whole family ( Kim is Obvi my fav) but this is so next level to me. I can defiantly understand wanting to trademark your Brands name due to how successful it is but since it’s your name its looks totally obnoxious! 

Coming from a family who is all about fame it’s hard for me to think that Kylie’s intentions were innocent. I think her intentions were down right evil, she wanted Kylie to literally represent her and only her, for example when you here Madonna there is only one person you think of. Almost like she actually thinks the name is only entitled to her ? Or maybe it was just a move to make herself more famous then her sisters in the long run .. Who knows.

I mean if she tried to trademark her full name no one would be offended or madly confused about her actions because she is the only Kylie Jenner, it would actually almost make sense.. 
But in this case she managed to make herself look like a privilege little Rich girl who seems oblivious to the world around her.. She’s just living in Kylie’s perfect world! 

I feel bad that she didn’t think this through then again she gets away with everything she does in her life so we will just have to seen how this one turns out. 

In my opinion they should laugh in her face and say “aren’t you Kim kardashian’s little sister”  ?  The unfortunate fact is, she’s just another celebrity, no one great or that will be remembered in generations to come.. Sorry Kylie.


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