Sleep aromatherapy pillow mist!

While I was in Niagara falls over the past weekend, I stopped at an outlet mall and did alittle shopping. One of my favourite outlet stores is bath and body works, I love all their stuff and because it’s an outlet mall the deals are unbeatable!

Recently I got 3 lotions from their aromatherapy line, Engery, stress relief and sleep and they are absolutely amazing! Each one comes with its own collection of products like bath salts, oils, candles, inscents, body wash etc. All the links you can find below! 

The sleep aromatherapy line offers a pillow mist that I now can’t sleep without! I got the lavender chamomile scent, I spray it all over my pillows and sheets about 5 minutes before I hop in bed and I fall asleep 10 times faster. 

One down fall is the scent does fade quickly, so I recommend spraying a lot or use the lotion and spray together👍🏽

Best part I got it for $10! On the website it’s only $12.50 which is still pretty good! This is defiantly a #musthave!

Niagara outlets:

Bath and body works website:

Sleep line :

Pillow mist:


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