Gods of Egypt Movie Review 

Last Friday night I caught a movie with my mom and sister. They brought me to see Gods of Egypt. Now I haven’t been to the movies in years so I was just kind of tagging along, I remembered seeing the trailer on tv and I didn’t find myself thinking great another shit movie, so why not?

On our way to the movies My big sister being as lovely as ever, informs my mom and I that people are actually boycotting this movie due to the lead actors being white while the characters they’re playing are not. This completely throw me off, out of all the movies we go to see, it had to be one surrounded by conversey.

Well she was totally right, the place was empty. Maybe it was the show time we went at but we were the first ones in there.. Did I mention it was opening night ? Terrible.  

Although this movie has actors who did racial fit the characters they played, it almost emphasized the question ‘why couldn’t do the same for the all of the Gods’ ?

Overall the movie was pretty good I do recommend it! Finding out the information I did right before watching the movie may have had me focusing more on the odd casting but I really feel like the movie lacked the Egyptian authenticity it should have had. Defiantly felt more like a Disney fairy tale. 



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