Student Travel – Volunteering!

Traveling to an all inclusive resort is true pleasure and relaxation. This summer that is exactly what i plan to do but i would also love to switch it up! I’ve volunteered at Scott Mission Homeless shelter here in Toronto and the idea of making just one moment or day in someones life who’s struggling bright gives me such a warming feeling and leaves such a great pleasure and almost a feeling purpose.

Upon searching the internet for great vacation ideas, i came across these cool websites for volunteer travel. They are kind of expensive but they’re packages range from 2 weeks -12 months with included air fair, daily activities, transportation, hotel and food!

Check out their websites if you’re looking for a what seems like a life changing experience! i would love to go on one of these trips, who knows maybe i will one day. One thing is for sure is, it’s not something i’ll stop dreaming about and i think it’s a pretty exciting thing to have planned for the future.

This website i was on for hours, they offer international programs filled with a wide variety of activities:


other websites to check out:


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