Unlocking My World

I had one of those ‘ahaaa’ moments about a year ago, I still remember how freeing it felt to know I had the ability to go anywhere or do any job. I sat as my mind raced through thousands of cities, in the millions of countries. When my eyes came to fouce a smile raised over my face, I knew where I wanted to go and I knew I wanted to see everything.

In 2013 I was in the eleventh grade when I was forced to do a travel and tourism credit. Hate is a strong word but geography wasn’t really my strong point and I never really traveled as a kid so this wasn’t set as an interest to me. It was a lot more research then I even thought and I learned about a whole new industry that came with so many perks. It wasn’t until my grade 12 grade trip to The Dominican Republic that the travel bug set in. I spent hours on blogs and travel websites looking at amazing resorts and travel packages, you could say borderline obsessed!

One day at work I spent the entire time on Google earth just looking at all the scattered islands in the South Pacific. It was mesmerizing to see the man made islands and the privately owned bungalow resorts on islands with no names. There was something about leaving the structure way of life and letting myself dift away in the tropical bliss.

Maybe it was me or maybe it was the lack of diverse jobs you learn about. It lead me to see that when you grow up it won’t be the same old 9-5 on Monday to Friday if you choose to look outside of when your interest are or find knew things you never knew existed.

I’ve never been more excited for the future, I feel like now I have so much control of where I end up and I was create a life packed with experiences and adventures, I want to do so many different jobs or a least try, I want to live in different cities, in different countries, on other continents. But for now I’ll be in Toronto working, going to school and starting my career right here.


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