The Circus Bus Toronto

On my last birthday I was looking for something really different to do with my friends instead of the same old house party and I came up with the perfect plan to find a cool party bus. In my search I came upon the circus party bus.. Now wait, what comes to your mind when you think party bus? Well for me it would party be a coach bus with all around seating maybe a mini bar and some pot lights, oh and don’t forget the stripper pole! Well this bus is a school bus, here me out… The chairs have been more around the create different seating areas, there’s also video games, disco lights, surround sound speakers with the ever important Aux cord and not one but two stripper poles! This bus is full on nuts.

I didn’t end up getting it for my birthday but it will happen this year! You can actually see the buses if you’re driving on the 401 east passing Victoria park. They are sometimes parked in the radisson hotel parking lot. Check out the video of the bus, it 20 dollars a person if you get 20 people which is CHEAP! Find the links below to the circus bus and to see the rest of their fleet!


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