Shit show or Grad Trip ?

Last year for March Break I went on my Grad Trip to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic! To say it was the best experience is an understatement and to stay it was a shit show is an even bigger one. We were staying at The Grand Bahia Principe Resort and it is huge, I haven’t been on a lot of vacations to resorts so maybe it was new to me but it was not okay. When you first enter there we some buildings with rooms, guessing for the staff and a Grand hall for hosting events. We were let off there and we were welcomed by S-trip then we had to walk to the lobby.. The walk was very long but nice, the road side is filled with colorful shops, restaurants and clubs. Arriving at the lobby suitcase in tow, we waited to check in then got on a tram that took me and my friends to our rooms. My room (along with my closets friends from school at the time) was the second last building to the right of the lobby, which the walk was crazy if you’re sober and even worse drunk because ten times out of ten you’re getting lost! On the bright side there was a little hidden flea market at the end of the property it became a little life saver for me and the other 17 year olds around us because drinking age was 18. We got everything we needed there like beer, rum, vodka and smokes!

I would love to go into the intense details but I would go on for hours, so I’ll tell you the info you need to know then I’ll let picture below tell the story!

I think there was over 2,000 students at the resorts from High schools in my region and we traveled through S-trip which organizes the whole trip with reps from your grade to plan excursions and parties. We had our own pool, that was closed to other guests at the resort, where we had our pool parties everyday from 12-3. we had a live DJ and a bar under a nice covered pavilion, it was a great time. Every night they planned themed parties like Canada night, tight and bright, white out and Mardi Gras!

Long and behold the pictures of my first taste at a parent free, friend filled .. And one hell of a mess vacation!

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To unlock the worst picture and videos of the trip share the picture below and hashtag #Thedailyluxuryblog to receive the code! Hurry post will be taken down in 5 days!




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