Flying Trapeze Experience!

On Friday February 19th, my sister and i went to Toronto Circus School to do a Drop in Flying Trapeze class for only $25 . i wasn’t to sure what to expect but when i got there but it looked a lot like a Gymnastics Facility but obviously with hanging fabric for silks, trampolines, static trapeze bars, an open floor etc, so totally not a circus overload for the people like me who hear circus and picture a legit circus with a ring leader. Then of course there was the flying trapeze station. The Platform is 28 feet of the ground with this thin shaky latter that goes all the way up and connects to the platform that is really only big enough for one person. The Staff are all pros so you get to see some combos and students training which is a cool touch because you instantly feel comfortable.

There was about 20 people in our class so we were there for about 2 hours and got to fly FOUR times! The scariest part about it all was leaning forward to catch the bar then the 2 second before he says go. Overall i would recommend everyone and anyone to try this. Its completely safe, your attached to a harness and there’s a trampoline net under you. Honestly such a great experience i had a lot of fun and truly haven’t experienced such adrenaline before, I’ve actually started looking into joining weekly classes this upcoming spring!

Click the Link below and check out some of there classes and CHEAP pricing, they also offer private events like birthday parties or team bonding with employees!

Schedule and Prices:

Check out me Flying Below!



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