Coming Up In Toronto

Toronto is always hosting events from concerts and raves to club events, fundraisers and really just so much different activities. This year I wanted to get an early start on all the fun, last year I went to the Nicki Minaj concert while all that drake & meek mill beef was happening and it was crazy, so I wanted to experience that feeling as many times this year as a could as well as trying out some of the other things I’ve heard about.
So this is my list, I planned to do these activities and I will make post about each of them when they happen!

  1. Rhiannas Anti Concert – April 13th @ Air Canada Centre

2. Fashion Week – March 14th – 18th @ David Pecaut Square

3. Selena Gomez Tour – May 22nd @ Air Canada Center

4. Beyonce’s Formation Concert – May 25th @ Air Canada Center

5. Pride Parade – June 28th Starts @ Bloor and Church

6. Caribana 2016 – July 30th starting @ Exhibition Place

7. Canadian National Exhibit (CNE) – August 19th – September 5th @ the Exhibition place

8. Electric Elements – May 22nd in Wasaga Beach Beach area 1

9. Digital Dreams – July 2nd – 3rd @ Ontario Place

10. Toronto Festival Of Beers – July 2016 @ the Exhibition place

Hopefully i will get a chance to attend all of these activities, there’s so many more things happening but i had to pick my top 10! so now you know what ill be up this year, comment below any other great events or spots to check out in Toronto!


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